TAH members inspired by Permaculture Design course

In April/May 2015 Sally Shaw and Keri Chiveralls, members of Transition Adelaide Hills, attended the 10 day Permaculture Design course at the Food Forest, Gawler. We had inspiring teaching sessions from Graham and Annemarie Brookman plus David Holmgren & others. We were inspired, challenged and encouraged by the very diverse group we studied with, most from SA, some from Victoria and two from Brazil!

Teaching involved theory and practical sessions: the principles of permaculture; what to plant in the different zones; how to build a sustainable house; what makes good soil; best practice for planting vegetations/fruit & nut trees; how to analyse and plan for the wild energies which fall on or travel through a property: sun, wind, rain, bush fires, frost, snow and flooding. And, we ate lots of delicious organic food, most of which was grown at the Food Forest!

The course left us with deep and lasting impressions of what is possible and some amazing friendships. We’d recommend it to everyone!

PS. Keri is presently designing the first Graduate Certificate in Permaculture for Central Queensland University – based in Adelaide!

Find out more about the Food Forest, Gawler:  http://www.foodforest.com.au/about-us/about-the-food-forest/



Above: Annemarie & Graham Brookman of the Food Forest with David Holmgren and other students.


Below: Our visit to the Old School Community Garden – Permaculture is as much about nurturing communities as it is about land.


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